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LARK PRO Personal Sleep Coach

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LARK PRO Personal Sleep Coach

LARK transforms your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a sleep management tool that monitors, assesses, and coaches you to better sleep.


See that third of your life you never knew about

LARK’s powerful sleep pattern sensor collects information on how well you sleep each night. Based on the same actigraphy technology that has been the gold standard for sleep researchers for the last two decades, the sensor wirelessly sends your sleep patterns to your LARK Up app. The moment you turn off the alarm, LARK UP app shows you how you slept, how it compares to other people, how long it took you to fall asleep, how many times you woke up, and much more.


Improve with an award-winning Personal Sleep Coach program for a year

LARK PRO Personal Sleep Coach provides a personalized training program that uncovers your Sleep Type and the easiest ways for you to sleep better. Everyone is one of 12 Sleep Types, and using your unique sleep patterns, Coach analyzes your sleep through baseline assessments, determines your Sleep Type, and sends recommendations and trackable targets tailored to you, weekly. It comes right to your mobile app and your personal online dashboard at


Wake up refreshed, and let them sleep in

Our silent alarm clock wakes you refreshed through gentle yet incredibly effective rolling vibrations, and wakes you silently so everyone else rests undisturbed.


Best For:  People with trouble sleeping, waking up, and staying alert, and anyone who wants to improve their sleep and health.


Product Highlights:

  • LARK PRO includes unlimited 7-Day Sleep Assessments and coaching tools for a year.
  • Actigraphy sleep pattern sensor tracks thousands of micro-movement data points during the night
  • LARK Up Mobile app and personal online dashboard coaches you based on your unique sleep patterns
  • LARK PRO Coach tracks your sleep targets and sends you reminders to keep you on track
  • Patent-pending technology nudges only you awake with rolling vibration
  • Non-audio wake up allows a refreshing wake up and less snoozing
  • Bluetooth wireless technology works with your iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad
  • Sleek phone cradle charges your phone and your wristband
  • Soft breathable wristband feels like wrist pajamas



Product Includes:

  • LARK Bluetooth operated vibrating wristband
  • Dual charging stand
  • Power cable
  • Subscription code for Personal Sleep Coach, unlimited for a year
  • LARK Up app (Downloadable free app from the App Store in ITunes)


Works with:

·         iPod touch (3rd generation)

·         iPod touch (3rd generation)

·         iPhone 4S

·         iPhone 4

·         iPhone 3GS

·         iPad


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List Price:$159.00


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LARK PRO Personal Sleep Coach - Available
LARK PRO Personal Sleep Coach

LARK PRO Personal Sleep Coach.

List Price: $159.00
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